How to config use dtb file in Flash or SD Card when Jetson Nano booting

Hi, I update my dtb file in SD Card all the time, and it works well. The following is my command.
dd if=tegra210_p3488_0000_p3449_0000_b00.dtb.encrypt of=/dev/mmcblk0p3
dd if=tegra210_p3488_0000_p3449_0000_b00.dtb.encrypt of=/dev/mmcblk0p10

After I use the BalenaEtcher tools update my SD Card image with official sd-blob-b01.img, I found that it is no longer use the dtb file in SD Card but Flash. I want to know how to config to use the dtb file in SD Card. Besides, I want to know how to boot the u-boot in “LNX” partition of SD Card but Flash.

On an SD card model of a Nano some boot content is in the QSPI memory, and not on the SD card. The amount of information which is on SD card versus on QSPI changes with release. I don’t know all of the details, but I believe it switched from “some” content on QSPI in earlier releases to “all” content on QSPI for later releases.

If you’ve modified a partition on SD card, and if the QSPI is set to use that earlier release, then this should work. However, if the QSPI is “mixed” between older/newer releases of SD card and QSPI, then it won’t work. Some content on SD card would be ignored by the QSPI during boot if that information migrated from SD to QSPI due to release version change.

Basically, you cannot change a partition-based boot content on SD card and have it work unless you are using an earlier release. For that case you’d have to use JetPack/SDK Manager (or on command line) to flash the Nano itself in order to flash the QSPI.

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