How to configure a new wifi bt card on nano?


We want to use AMPAK6398P wifi and bluetooth card on nano. It used bcm4359 chip. It’s pcie for wifi and uart for bluetooth.

  1. Shall I modify the device tree? If yes, please tell me the path.

  2. I checked L4T kernel configuration, and I find “Broadcom FullMAC wireless cards support”.
    I find the driver in “kernel/nvidia/drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd”
    I have fw and nvram for this card, does this driver can use on this card?

  3. If the question 2 is possible, which code file can I modify the GPIO number for reset pin?


Add details.
We want to use AMPAK6398P wifi and bluetooth card on nano. It used bcm4359 chip.
Now we know the GPIO pin num for card to nano, its name is WL_REG_ON, it is used for wifi device power on and power off to reset.
Vendor provided us standart bcmdhd driver sources, it has dhd_core.c, in this code file, I can modify the GPIO num free:

int dhd_wlan_init_gpio(void)
	int err = 0;
	int host_oob_irq = -1;
	uint host_oob_irq_flags = 0;

	/* Please check your schematic and fill right GPIO number which connected to
	gpio_wl_reg_on = -1;
	gpio_wl_host_wake = -1;

But now I con’t find anything about modifying GPIO num in the sources for L4T “bcmdhd.ko” in “/kernel/nvidia/drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd/" and

Does this need modify the device tree?
Please tell me how to modify that.



We want to use bcm4359 wifi bt chip to nano module, we find the source code of bcmdhd_pcie.ko in kernel/nvidia/drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd_pcie/dhd_pcie.c:

#define HOST_WAKE 4   /* GPIO_0 (HOST_WAKE) - Output from WLAN */
#define DEVICE_WAKE 5  /* GPIO_1 (DEVICE_WAKE) - Input to WLAN */
#define BIT_WL_REG_ON 6
#define BIT_BT_REG_ON 7

Is it here to change the GPIO number?
We have pinmux modified for out product, we want to know how to calculte this GPIO number.