How to Configure and Synchronize Multiple USB Cameras in DriveWorks Using a Rig File


I’m working on a DriveWorks project where I need to utilize two USB cameras simultaneously. While I’ve successfully operated each camera individually using DriveWorks, I’m encountering issues when attempting to initialize both sensors via a rig file. I’ve based my approach on the sample_calibration_stereo example but haven’t had any success. Additionally, I haven’t found any examples that demonstrate how to create a camera.usb sensor within a rig file.

Here are my specific questions:

  1. How can I initialize a camera.usb sensor using a rig file? I’ve tried various configurations based on the sample_sensors_info documentation (device, mode), but I keep encountering the following error: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: SensorManager:handleCameraGroupAndSibling() no group name provided.
  2. Could you provide an example of a rig file that successfully initializes a camera.usb sensor?
  3. I’m concerned about sensor synchronization. While camera.virtual allows for timestamp files and camera.gmsl offers hardware-based synchronization, how can I achieve synchronization when using USB cameras? Does the DRIVE AGX Orin platform support USB synchronization?

Thank you for your assistance.

Dear @alon.eshel,
I could not find a example rig file using camera.usb. I will check with core team if Rig file support camera.usb protocol and update you.
Regarding the error “SensorManager:handleCameraGroupAndSibling() no group name provided” , the sample does not seem to expect USB camera. Do you plan to run this sample with USB cameras?

Dear @SivaRamaKrishnaNV ,
Yes, I plan to use the sample with USB cameras. In general, I want to use a USB camera alongside GMSL cameras in my project and handle all of them with the sensor manager to ensure accurate time synchronization.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Dear @alon.eshel,
Currently, USB cameras are not enabled on sensor manager. SensorManager is used to parse the rig and interface with dwCamera module.

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