How to configure external USB 3 drive as root filesystem using command line?


Sorry, for the rookie question but I have a Jetson Nano setup to use headless mode. but I would like to know how to configure my USB 3.1 drive to boot using the command line?

Thank you in advance.

Hi jcp13,

Do you mean booting from usb drive?

Yes, thank you.

You can’t “boot” from the USB drive but you can use it as your root filesystem. You’d still need the SDCard (if using devkit) or the eMMC to hold the system partitions.

See the original article:

and the updated article:

Thank you for the clarification. I believe the links you provided are only for the desktop UI not in headless mode.

On one of the links, I found another link that may work I will update once I get it working.

The updated link I posted doesn’t care whether you’re running the UI or in headless mode.
I wasn’t running the UI when I was testing the procedure.

Hi jcp13,

For r32.2, external is being used as identification is solely on UUID based and not type of media.
You can reference detail steps onTopic-1060950. Thanks!

Thank you both, I will give it a try.