How to configure infiniband connectX-3 on to Kernel based Virtual Machine (KVM)

Hi All,

i am trying to configure IB0 virtual interface on KVM.

I have enabled SR-IOV on my bios, also VT-d is enabled.

installed with MLNX_OFED updated verions

Firmware on CA is also updated with v2.34.5000

mst start and status are addressed.

Now i am able to see Virtual function of Infiniband via lspci |grep Mell

Now, i am not able to add the PCIe on KVM details though i have an option for adding it.

How do i add it on to the KVM virtualMachine and assign an ip for ib0 on virtual machine.

Please help.




Do you get any error while adding virtual function device to VM? When VM is up and running, what can you see in ‘lspci’ output?