How to configure PIN7 and PIN15 in the 40pin of the orin nano development board can be pulled down to 0V when powered on?

I encountered a problem when using the development board. PIN7 (GPIO09) and PIN15 (GPIO12) in the 40PIN are set to output 3.3V when the power is turned on. This affects my use. I want to know how to configure it so that it outputs low level 0V when it is powered on.

Hi 18272077327,

Have you tried to configure them through pinmux spreadsheet?
You could configure them as output, drive 0 for you case.
Please refer to the following instruction for the usage of pinmux spreadsheet.
Jetson Orin NX and Nano Series — Generating the Pinmux dtsi Files

I saw the link you sent me, but I don’t quite understand what it means, is there a more specific example for my problem?

Please refer to the link step by step.
You should download pinmux spreasheet for Orin Nano first and use it to generate 3 dtsi. (gpio.dtsi, pinmux.dtsi, padvoltage.dtsi), and you need to put them in your BSP pakcage.

Your requirement is to configure PIN7(GPIO09) and PIN15 (GPIO12) in 40-pins header.
You should configure them through pinmux to set it default output/drive 0.

I have configured according to the way you said, generated three dtsi files, and placed them in the corresponding locations, but after refreshing the system, the expected results are still not achieved. How can I verify whether my modifications are correct?

You could check the full flash log and know if your generated dtsi been used.

Do you modify the board config to configure the PINMUX_CONFIG and PMC_CONFIG?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. I don’t know where the flashing logs are saved and what configuration files need to be modified?

How did you flash your board?
There should be logs output on your host after you run the flash command.
Your flash command with load board configuration file to flash your board.

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