How to configure the Xavier to SDIO DDR50 Mode

What are the changes we need to make in order to configure my xavier to SDIO in DDR50 mode.

I have made the uhs-mask value to 0x08 in dts file which is working in SDR104
I want configure to DDR50 what should be the uhs-mask value and is there any other changes required to make in work in DDR50 mode.


Please refer to


- uhs-mask: Specify modes that are masked for the device
22 	Mask HS200 mode: 0x20
23 	Mask HS400 mode: 0x40
24 	Mask SDR104 mode: 0x10
25 	Mask SDR50 mode: 0x4
26 	Mask DDR50 mode: 0x8

I cheeked it already but current in my dts uhs-mask value in dts file is 0x08 still it is detected as the SDR104 ?? and when i put the 0x8 device itself is not booting ?? what should be the value for the DDR50 ??

Also do we need to any other changes required??
as i can see the sd-uhs-sdr104/sdr50/sdr25 are defined in the dts(I converted the dtb to dts) file but sd-uhs-ddr50 is not defined there do we need to make any other changes?

Please check
TX2 NX cannot access SD card via SDR104 - #2 by WayneWWW
And try to mask other modes and leave DDR50 unmasked. See if it works.

Sorry that above comment is not correct. We don’t support DDR50 on Xavier. Please check Table 10.4 in technical reference manual of Xavier:

Thanks,But is it also mentioned we can software can enable DDR50 can you please help in this how enable ?? like uhs-mask value and if any other changes required ??

Will check with our teams and see if this can be supported. Do you use Jetpack 4 or 5?