How to configure two HCAs in a compute node?


I am trying to install 2 Connect-X3 HCAs in a compute node. Each HCA was inserted to corresponding PCIe slot of a CPU and I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Ubuntu detects the HCAs and I can see them with sudo lspci | grep “Mellanox”.

I am doing this because I would like to install 4 Xeon Phi co-processor to the node and each Phi will be linked to respective HCA of the same CPU. Each Phi needs an IP in the cluster.

For example,

HCA1 ib0, Phi_0, Phi_1

HCA2 ib0, Phi_2, Phi_3

I will install MLNX_OFED_LINUX-3.4- on the node, so what is the best practice to achieve such configuration?

My experience with phi installation on Ubuntu 16.04 is successful.

How to setup 4 Xeon Phi 7120P in a single node via Infiniband?

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Hi Rolly,

Could you clarify if there is something not working properly and is Mellanox related?

Hi alkx,

Thank you.

The problem of Xeon Phi is Intel related. I am having compatibility issues on OS, Intel MPSS and Mellanox OFED.

Now I have Ubuntu 16.04, Intel MPSS 3.8.1, Mellanox OFED but this combination seems not fully functional.

I am planning to change to CentOS 7, Intel MPSS 3.8.1, Openfabric OFED 3.18

But if I have 2 HCAs in a node, what should I modified in the /etc/hostname so I can assess the node via both HCAs to enhance the bandwidth?



I would recommend to stay with configuration that supported by Intel and use MOFED/OS combination mentioned in documentation.

Hi Rolly,

Unfortunately, Intel MPSS is out of the Mellanox support scope. However, I can help you with HCA/MOFED questions. If you use TCP/IP, for Ethernet you can configure bonding in 802.3ad (LAG) mode in order to have more bandwidth. For InfiniBand it is different - the only active/backup configuration is supported. So, if you need to use single IP and need to use bonding module.

Hi alkx,

Thanks. I see what you mean. I will stick to IPoIB and manually assign each IP to respective HCA ports.

So, it will look like:





But, the host itself will be also connected via IPoIB in the cluster, I am not sure if this works with the Intel ofed-mic?

I have switched to CentOS 7.3 in order to get the Intel MPSS 3.8.1 installed, but it seems demanding MLNX-OFED 2.4 which is outdated for CentOS 7.3.

Besides, OFED-3.18.2 failed to compile for CentOS 7.3 too .

I am stuck a the moment.

CentOS 7.3 fail to build ofed-mic with MPSS-3.8.1

Could you please take a look?

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