How to confirm jetson AGX Xavier into Strap mode?

Our AGX Xavier board after power on sequence normal ,but it is still not boot normal , we want to confirm AGX Xavier into Strap mode or not , How to confirm the jetson AGX Xavier into Strap mode?

What does strap mode mean? Recovery mode ?

Our Board after power on sequence normal ,but it is not boot normal, In design guide the strapping pins sometimes affect boot, so we want to know how to confirm the boot is affected form strapping pins

Is your board able to dump the uart log?

2 pcs has some debug message, the others 2 pcs not any debug message

That 2pcs can boot up or not?

I have the other topic discuss the 2 PCs have debug message, but it is still not boot normal

Please help to confirm fail at what device - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson AGX Xavier - NVIDIA Developer Forums

As said in OEM DG, the strapping pins states at power-on must not be affected by any connections on the carrier board. You can check the pins one by one on your design to make sure that. Or compare your design to schematic of P2822 to check the strapping pins connection.

I know ,but I try about all the pin at 1pcs have debug message . it is still not boot normal

If you directly unplug this module from your board and put it to devkit, will it boot up?

In our board we can’t downland code ,so we downland code form devkit then move the module to our board , the module at our board not boot normal,but it at devkit is normal

Hi Tony_Li,

Have you managed to get your board working? Any result can be shared?

We try to made dsi file try to made new image then download today, if it is still not work normal , we will be discuss to do new board, but we will be still afraid the issue

Now, the issue is not can be solved, maybe we will tell customer not use NVISA solution

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If you have other topic to track this issue, then please just use one to track.

Ask same thing in different place does not provide any good for yourself.

I want to confirm about use the "Jetson_AGX_Series_DevKit_Pinmux_Configuration " file to generate DT file , we don’t use the PMIC same with develop kit , so at ball name PWR_I2C_SCL/PWR_I2C_SDA/PMU_INT_N, we need to set the "Pin Direction " form Bidirectional /Input to Not Assigned or not .
About this issue have any setting request at set "Jetson_AGX_Series_DevKit_Pinmux_Configuration " file