How to confirm that host captured frame of 2 virtual channels successfully under WDR DOL 2 exposure mode on Nano?

I have brought up AR0822 sensor WDR DOL 2 exposure mode on Jeston nano devkit and can see image preview by gst-launch1.0 command. But seems the frame captured out is only from vc1(T1 frame) and I can not see behavior shown on screen from T2 frame(vc2) since if I adjust gain or exposure value of T2 frame by i2cset command (T1 frame has behavior when do the adjust shown on screen). So does that mean Nano did not capture VC2 frames successfully? Is there any better way to do the confirmation? Thanks!

hello bing.yan,

the software stack of Nano series doesn’t support with WDR captures.

Hi JerryChang,
Thank you very much for the reply which saved me lots of time. Since WDR mode is not supported by Nano as you mentioned, then I will focus on linear mode only. Thanks again.


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