How to confirm whether Tensor Core is working or not in Windows ML (Windows UWP)

Hi Nvidia Team,

Would you please teach me the way to confirm whether the Tensor core is working or not in Windows UWP? I have build some app and using WindowsML (Windows Machine Learning) and we would like to know does this app also use tensor core help to improve the inference time? (The machine we use is GTX2080). Thanks.


nv-nsight-cu-cli --metrics sm__inst_executed_pipe_fp16.avg.pct_of_peak_sustained_active,sm__inst_executed_pipe_tensor_op_hmma.avg.pct_of_peak_sustained_active,sm__inst_executed_pipe_tensor_op_imma.avg.pct_of_peak_sustained_active,sm__pipe_tensor_cycles_active.avg.pct_of_peak_sustained_active,smsp__inst_executed_pipe_fp16.sum A.exe