How to connect a custom power button

Hi everyone,

We printed a nice case for the Jetson, but are stuck with the small power button on the board. I searched the forums for a description on whether the j6 header pins are usable for a custom power button (basically connect a button that is outside the casing which jumps the j6 pins when pressed), but couldn’t really find it.

So my question is: is this at all possible and if so, how would we go about it? We have basic knowledge about electronics and the sort, but do not dare to test it by shorting the header pin and risk killing the jetson…

Thanks in advance!

J6 is correct. One side is ground, the other floats. Shorting the floating side to ground is the same as pressing the power button. You can put a voltmeter across J6 and see approximately 5V. Tapping the power button shorts this and the 5V goes to 0V. Just use common sense about static electricity and don’t use excessively long wire lengths…use twisted pair if the length is long enough.