How to connect a mobile phone to this characters hand?

I have made a character with cc3 pipeline trial. It is awesome! I shall buy this product for sure.
Now I exported my character ( with a nice motion capture I bought from Actioncore ) to Omniverse.

Jihaa! It is here:

Now I must learn how to connect a mobile phone to the hand of this character.
For example this product:

it is compatible with CC v3.20

Please help me :)

Try using animation constraints like Dane does here in the Twitch stream he did a few weeks back: Introduction and Live Demo of Omniverse Machinima - YouTube

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Hello! I got help from cc support:

Please make sure the accessory is attached to the correct bone. See here:

You can then move it into place using the gizmo. “W” for move and “E” for rotate are the shortcut keys.

I did. Here is screenshot from cc:

As you can see, the phone is attached to “CC_Base_R_Hand” and looks fine to me.

After export to Omniverse, I get this:

It works, this is great.
I understand I have to finetune the position of it, what is the correct way of doing that - by animating “TimeSample editor” of the Xform called “default”? That does not work see here:

Also, you can see that the phone is moved from left hand to right in this motion capture file.

How do I deal with that?

CC support cannot help us on this:

Dear Varis,

Thank you for contacting Reallusion.

I hope you get an answer in the Omniverse forum, because I don’t how to transfer the phone from one hand to the other within omniverse. In iClone, you can just switch which bone it is linked to on the timeline. Maybe Omniverse has something similar.

When exported as an accessory on the character from CC3 or iClone, it basically becomes another bone at the end of hand. I think you will need to experiment and peuse the Omniverse manual. Good luck!

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards
Technical Support
Reallusion Inc.

Currently, you can’t adjust bone animation inside of Machinima, so once its baked in like the CC export, you’d need to open the animation in a DCC tool to attempt to fix that.

Another way to do this would be the transform constraint instead:

I hand placed a cube in the characters hand:

Show the skeleton, and select the hand bone (hand_L):


Then control click the asset you want to constrain to the bone, so you should have both the Hand_L bone selected and the box. Then under animation, use the transform constraint:


Then it should be nicely placed and track with the hand!


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Dane, thanks!

I works so good. Now see I have to finetune the position of the phone AFTER I have constrained it to LEFT HAND bone. Is this possible somehow?


Hey, solution was in front of me all the time!
I just made an empty Xform object in Machinima ( Create / Xform ) and then drag my phone object under it to be a child object. I renamed this Xform as “phone pivot”.

Then I shift selected both “Hand_L bone” and “phone pivot” objects and constrained them together: ( Animation / Constraints / Transform constraints ).

Now I can finetune the position of the Phone ( Object “Cube” in the screen shot here) . Cool!

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