How to connect and run 13 VGA camera at 30 FPS and 1 4K HDR camera at 6FOS at the same time? Which nvidia platform is the best for that?

I am building a drone which needs 13 VGA camera and a 4K 60p recording camera, which should work at the same time.
Suggest me the best NVIDIA board to achieve this.

Considernig the entire performance and the support lifecycle, I will suggest to use Orin NX or Orin Nano. See Develop AI-Powered Robots, Smart Vision Systems, and More with NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Technical Blog

Hi there,

We don’t have budget above 250$ per board, what would you suggest at this price point??

We need 500-1000pcs/month

Jacob George

Please check Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

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