How to connect final output to ISAAC Sight?

I’m trying to build EdgeDetector using Python API, now I have decomposed the whole application into 3 different components i.e Camera, EdgeDetector and Viewer. Camera takes in the input image, EdgeDetector runs the logic part on it and in Viewer I’m trying to showcase the result. I’m following communication protocols(ImageProto, Rx, Tx). But I’m not able to understand how to connect result from Viewer to Sight. Now I can see my end result(in Viewer Codelet) using OpenCV. But I can’t understand how to connect to Sight. Can someone help me out here @nvidia?



If you remove your Viewer codelet and use the SDK codelet isaac::viewers::ImageViewer directly, this could work. That codelet does what you want Viewer to do which is receive an image and then push it to Sight. You will want to create an edge/connect edge_detector/EdgeDetector/output to viewer/ImageViewer/image. You should then see the channel in Isaac Sight and can see the images coming through it.

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Yeah I got the output now. Thank You @hemals