How to Connect GMSL Camera to Jetson TX2 inside Orionn T7 board?

I bought Orion T7 board which has Jetson TX2 module inside. I upgraded the Jetpack to 4.2 by flashing the OS. Now I have FPD Link 3 GMSL Camera and I want to connect it to the Orion board like this .

The problem is Jetson doesn’t recognize any camera device. Input this command will give this message :

ls /dev/video*
ls: cannot access '/dev/video*': No such file or directory

When I tried to connect my e-cons camera using USB-3.0 it works well. Anyone knows how to connect this GMSL camera to Jetson Tx2 inside Orion T7 board?

The hardware vendor (or some other entity) will need to update their gmsl and camera drivers for JetPack 4.2/R32.1. Check with the hardware vendor for software updates.