How to connect HDR switch to older adapter?

I have a QM8700 HDR switch and am having trouble connecting some older IB hardware to it. The older hardware is an MT26438 ConnectX VPI adapter with QDR Infiniband, built into an HP ProLiant SL390s G7 server node (HP NC543i adapter, part number MHQH29B-XTR).

I tried connecting them with a MC2207128-003 cable. I can use this cable to successfully connect the QM8700 to an IB HDR adapter, and I can also connect the ProLiant QDR to an identical node. But I can’t connect the HDR switch to the ProLiant’s QDR.

Is this connection possible? Is a different cable needed? Thanks.

Hi Ben,

The ConnectX HCA which is EOL for a few years wasn’t tested vs the HDR switches, so we can’t assue it will work (and we see it doesn’t). also the MC2207128-003 was never tested with MHQH29B-XTR HCA.

For a connectivity matrix , I would follow: Matrix

and Supported Link Speed

according to the support link speed table, you should use a different cable PN:




QDR speed is only supported when using the MC220731V-xxx FDR cables

CopperUp to 3