How to connect JetsonTX1(CSI) to HITACHI DI-SC233 (Serial LVDS) - FullHD60fps

Dear all,
I’m beginning to work with JetsonTX1 for AI application with FullHD@ 60fps of DI-SC233 of Hitachi for capture video. DI-SC233 use Serial LVDS for video and RS232C for control. Can you help me to connect to camera from Jetson TX1?
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Jetsons do not directly support LVDS. You’ll need to convert to something like HDMI, DSI, or DisplayPort (I have no specific suggestions on actually accomplishing that).

Do you have any converter from LVDS to CSI/DSI? Diagram or converter? Please support me!

I have not personally created a conversion from LVDS to other formats, e.g., HDMI bridge, DisplayPort bridge, or DSI bridge. There have been a few people frequenting the forums here who have done this…one of them will probably see this thread and comment. Here are a couple of URLs I’ve seen referenced, but have no experience with:!/~/category/id=3094861&inview=product14647633&offset=0&sort=priceAsc

Keep in mind that before you commit to one of those solutions you should check availability and also what is needed beyond hardware to use these (e.g., programming your own EDID data for auto configuration).


Hi every one, can you support me KIT to connect DI-SC233 to Jetson Tx1? I tried to search but I can’t.
Hitachi camera as following

We have a hitachi DI-SC233 with an HMDI out interface board for sale here