How to connect more than one camera to jetson nano

from nvdia website videos , I found that jetson nano can support more than one camera to connnect, for example, 4 cameras, and the deepstream demo video shows jetson nano can support 8 videos simultaneously.
My Question are:

  1. How to connect more than more camera to jetson nano.
  2. We plan to use jetson nano to develop in-car aftermarket device. Could jetson nano can work in the environment which temperature from -25 degrees centigrade to 70 degrees centigrade ?

The production module supports up to 4 MIPI CSI camera connections. So when the production module is release, you or a board designer or ecosystem partner could create an alternate carrier board for the module which exposes multiple MIPI CSI camera connections. For example, the Auvidea JN30 board has 4 CSI camera ports.

With DeepStream and remote video analytics, it is common to use networked IP camera, so these are interfaced over Ethernet through a switch, so you can connect multiple compressed IP cameras per board. The module has PCIe x4 which a carrier board could use to connect additional NICs to interface with even more cameras.

Additionally you can use USB cameras to utilized additional ports on the board.

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There’s only one USB 3.0 controller on the board. Will it support two Logitech C170 cameras? This one doesn’t has on board H264 decoding so will the bandwidth saturate? Any simpler way to connect two MIPI CSI cameras other than designing our own board? Thanks for help.

You don’t need to design your own board to connect two MIPI CSI cameras as the Auvidea JN30-LC has two MIPI connectors.

I’m probably going to go this route for my project, but ideally I’d like four. The Auvidea JN30 has 4 CSI Camera ports, but they don’t currently have support for the 2-lane CSI ports on the bottom side of it. So for now I’m going to test it out with only 2 cameras.

I have a Jetson Nano Dev Kit and a JN30 carrier board.
I’m going to develop a system that uses two RaspPi cameras.

Do they work two RaspPi cameras with Jetson Nano developer kit version + JN30? Or do I have to buy another Jetson Nano production module?

Hi st_rs501, you may want to contact Auvidea to ask which revision of their JN30 carrier to use with the module from Jetson Nano Developer Kit, as they may be updating it to support the production module, and to inquire about their validation of 2x Raspberry Pi IMX219 cameras with that carrier.

I’ll contact Auvidea.

I want to confirm one point.
Is the Jetson Nano developer kit version itself ready to connect 2x Raspberry Pi IMX219 cameras? or not? (Excluding the issue of carrier board side compatibility)

Will 2 usb cameras work?

Yes, they work.
JN30 is not as promising as I expected, so I’m trying to connect two 8M pix USB cameras.
It seems to work well, expect that the USB cables take up space and the housing design is difficult.

Did you actually get to try the JN30?

I haven’t been able to get them to reply so I can’t even order one let alone try it.

We purchased JN30 in May.
However, because there is no JN30 technical reference manual and they are not responding to technical questions at present, I have to suppose the pin assignments of the interface connectors and how to access the onboard gyro sensor, based on the manual of their other board.
Since JN30 has only one USB connector and there is no advantage when connecting two USB cameras, I’m trying to develop with dev kit board so far.
I think it’s too early to try JN30.

In my experience, their customer support takes at least one month to answer each question. Plan accordingly.

Can I use 1 CSI camera + 1 USB camera at the same time capturing videos? If it’s OK, are they simply named device0 and device1 in V4L video devices?

I did get information back from Auvidea for the JN30-PSE Rev 4.

They said the current delivery time is 3-5 weeks which is probably about as expected as the production Module was just recently released.

I’ll probably stick with trying to get my hands on the V1.1 version of the Leopard Imaging LI-NANO-CB as I have Leopard Imaging MIPI Cameras that will work on it. They also tend to have the most up to date drivers for their cameras. But, the Auvidea might be a good backup plan.

Attention! The Auvidea JN30 has 4 MIPI connections on the board BUT only 2 of them can be really addressed and used with cameras! They are still working on the firmware to get all 4 connections working. No news when this will be done.

I realised this far too late.