How to connect Nvidia infiniband adapter with Nvidia GPU card directly?

I have a idea about build a docking station, to separate GPU from SFF-size workstation, which the power supply and heat exchange in air cooling is limited. the main function of this docking station is the PCI-E socket connection board to build a communication between eGPU and infiniband adapter(SFF PC–Adapter–Adapter–GPU) as simple as possible. Is that will be availble to connect Nvidia infiniband adapter and Nvidia RTX GPU card DIRECTLY via PCI-E socket connect board(contain power supply and PCI-E lane retimer) in technical? Will the chips in Nvidia infiniband adapter can be the controller like PCI-E controller and DMA controller, what there function are in regular mother board construction by specific change of configuration? Or to make it work, what external circuit should it have in PCI-E socket connection board? Or another solution to make it?