How to connect SN-2100 switches via VXLAN over a campus network

We are operating two server clusters at different regions of a university campus. Each cluster is equipped with SN-2100 (ONXY) switches and each cluster has a dedicated IP subnet assigned by the university’s computing centre. The university provides a 40GBits network backbone interconnecting both clusters on layer 3.

In order to consolidate some functionality in the clusters, we are aiming at connecting both clusters on layer 2, ideally using VXLAN.

While the SN2100 switches claim to support VXLAN they seem to do so only in a very limited manner. At least all tutorials/documentation I found for VXLAN on that switch seems to assume that the involved switches are directly connected or that I am able to control the the routers between them. Both prerequisites are not fulfilled in our set-up.

Is there an undocumented approach how I can still establish the tunnel between the two switches?

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