How to connect the 4-way CSI camera on hardware and how to modify the driver

I want to design a backplane that can be turned on and HDMI has output, so I want to add a camera to it. When I add the schematic diagram provided by you, I find that you are using csi0 and csi2 , and then the two cameras conveniently correspond to cam? Pwdn and cam? MCLK. These two signals only have two groups. If I want to change them into four cameras or five cameras, how should I connect them in hardware and how should I modify them in software,

Two signals of cam ﹣ I2C ﹣ SCL and cam ﹣ I2C ﹣ SDA adopt a ts3usb30e chip to switch, and cam ﹣ MUX ﹣ sel to control the connected camera. Suppose I have two such chips to make a 4-way switch, then I need an additional signal to switch on the hardware. How should I write this signal drive? Can I provide a reliable scheme? Thank you

Have a check below link to know how to customize the software driver.

On dev kit, only CSI0 and CSI2 ports are routed to two camera connectors, other ports are only some testpoints on board. For other types CSI usage, please refer to OEM DG in DLC and build a custom board accordingly.

Thank you for your reply. If I want to enable the remaining CSI interfaces, how should I control the hardware, what should I pay attention to, can drive 4 CSI interfaces at the same time without modifying the driver?

For the SW please check the link as #3