How to connect the Jetson TX2 to internet using Ethernet

I have my Jetson TX2 plugged into my Xfinity router via Ethernet, but it is still not connecting. I calling xfinity and they said that the internet isn’t blocking the device. Is there some extra steps that I’m missing?
This is what I get when I type inconfig:

I have to post an image because I have no way of pasting the actual text from my laptop.

I don’t remember the other thread, but is this a duplicate? I’ve only seen “eth-native” on one other recent thread.

Yes, but this one focused on connecting to Ethernet only. Maybe I shouldn’t have created another one. Im apologies for that. So a friend of mine gave it to me. He use to do drone projects with Gstreamer on it. I know he would ssh onto the device, but I don’t know how to do that. I figured if I can connect the TX2 to the internet I should be able to then control it with my laptop.

I will advise sticking to the other thread. Then when networking is correct, if you still have an issue, create a new topic. This topic is really just a copy of the other.