How to connect to TX2 serial console (debug UART0)

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In the beginning, I use HDMI display to look log but it is not convenient.
I check TX2, it uses UART0 (H12, G12, H11, G11) for debug and uart0 is on J10 (pin 6, 8, 10, 12).

This following sentence is from “Jetson_TX1_and_TX2_Developer_Kits_User_Guide.pdf”
If a serial console on the Linux host is desired, a serial cable must be plugged into the serial port J1A2 UART4 on the target and connected to your Linux host directly or through a serial-to-USB converter

I don’t know how to connect J10 to host pc. Is there anyone can give me suggestion?

BTW, I also saw the information that shows UART1 is the serial console on the Jetson TX2.

So which uart is set for default debug console?

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I think UART0 is for JTAG debug and UART1 is for serial console

Hi JasonFan,

As you can see in OEM DG, UART0 is for debug, UART1 is for serial port. It needs to make a mated cable to connect UART0 to PC.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks a lot for your response.

After checking NV documents, here is a little confusing.
On TX2 module, which pins we can use for serial console?

I found information that Pin8 and pin10 of J21 can be used for serial console which are connected to H12, G12, is it right?

In JetsonTX2_OEM_Product_DesignGuide.pdf
H12, G12 is UART0 for debug
D9, D10 is UART1 for serial port

So the default console port ttyS0 is (H12, G12) or (D9, D10)?


Use J21. Note that in some cases labels/numbering may differ depending on whether you are looking at the module or if you are looking at the carrier board (it is confusing, but in reality the carrier and the module are separate products). Use settings 115200 8N1, software (no) flow control.

linuxdev, thank you.

If pin8, pin10 of J21 is default serial console (ttyS0), I want to know these two pins are connected to which pins of tegra X2.

Since we have our custom board, I need to know exact information.

That’s why I use (H12, G12) (D9, D10) instead of uart0, uart1.

After verifying, pin8, pin10 of J21 is default serial console( ttyS0) which is connected to H12, G12.