How to connect two Jetson TK1 board using wireless protocol [bluetooth]

Hello all,

I am looking for sending a data [video, sensor data etc.] from one Jetson tk1 board to another tk1 board using Bluetooth.
In my system, I am using Intel 7260 driver as a making wireless device for both tk1 [for Bluetooth, wifi connection].

Also, I need to evaluate transmission speed from one tk1 to another tk1 board. Please, can anyone help me out?

Thank you all in advance!

Bluetooth devices support Bluetooth PAN(Personal Area Network) can make a network between two devices.
That require CONFIG_BRIDGE and CONFIG_BT_BNEP kernel options.
I used blueman to connect my Jetson TK1 and a tablet PC and I could login to ssh server on the Jetson TK1.

BTW, Wifi connection is faster, easier, use more energy and more information on the web.