How to connect wifi in jetson nano through python script


I have developed applications in jetson nano using python. my application requires wifi to make the api calls. I am planning to run my script on boot. When i start my script, i need to wait till my board connects with wifi, if it is connected only i need to move forward or else it should keep on wait to connect.

Is there any suggestion for python script related to my requirement?

Sorry for the late response, is it still an issue to support? Thanks

Hi, I have solved it using a startup application in ubuntu. But now problem is that, when the system starts booting, it is waiting for an authentication password, after I am entering the password only my program service is getting started. If I remove the authentication process then my device becomes unsecured.

So how to secure my device after removing authentication?

hello yadavaprasath,

how about setting-up SSH for your host and target device.
you should create a SSH keypair, and copy the keypair to the target board with ssh-copy-id.
the roughly settings looks like following,

  • Setup SSH on device (Jetson platform)
    i.e. ssh-keygen -t rsa

  • Setup SSH on host machine, using the same passphase to get access.
    i.e. ssh-copy-id <account>@DEVICE-IP-Address

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