How to constrain in Composer?

Hello Omnivores!
Check out this video, please

Im Machinima I use transformation constrain to connect the simple goemetry to the skeleton of this characer, very easy and I have done this many times:

But how do I do this same thing in Composer 2023.2.0?
It must be some extension I activate?


From info I got in Discord / @Simplychenable
I know now that Machinimas transformation constrains do not
work with latest Composer :/

But no worries here!
I got the phones assigned to hands in iClone and it is pretty fast in the end!
There is a cool feature of duplicating the phone, and just by clucking the mouse I can re-target this phone asset to be constrained to new characters hand bone :)

IN the end I close & merge the iClone8 live-link connection and I got it all in Composer:

This shall be covered in my soon to be released Reallusion tutorial.

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