How to constrain two moving objects?

Hi, I’m having an issue here. I’ve created an animated truck made with Blender (animation was done in Blender) and imported it into Machinima and I imported two characters from iClone 7 into Machinima. I want to constraint the two characters into the truck so they are inside the truck while it’s moving.

However, when I constraint the truck and then select one of the characters and go Animation->Constraints->transform Constraints , it doesn’t do it. So I tried different sub xforms under the main xforms and still it doesn’t work.

Yes, I’ve even tried first selecting the truck and then the character, but makes no difference.

Is there something I’m missing?

Here’s a screenshot so you know what I’m talking about.

I try to help a bit here…

Made a cylinder mesh, imported a cc character. Selected both and used the command:

Animation / Constaints / Transform Constraints.

If I now move the cylinder, the CC moves with it.
If I move the CC, the cylinder stays.

No matter what is the selection order of these, always the cylinder mesh is the “master/parent”.

Then another test. I made an empty Xfrom and dragged the cylinder under that.
I seleced the CC Xfrom first and then the other. Then I pressed Animation / Constaints / Transform Constraints.

Now the CC is the “master/parent”.

Maybe this helps a bit?

Yeah I figured it out! It was a little more fiddley than I thought. I had to go down the sub directory of each asset and I had to select the Body of the Truck and for the character I had to select down the sub directory to the actual physical character (CC3 Base Character) then I constraint the two of them and now it works. Phew! Finally figured it out. :))
Thanks for your help!

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Excellent Wintoons!

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I shoud do a short tutorial about this full logic of this tool. It´s very important tool.

That would be really handy, especially if you’re working with CC3 characters with the amount of levels and sub xforms, it can become really confusing. Especially when putting them into trucks lol!

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In the moving truck, with a phone in hand, with eye focus on screen!

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Lol! Oh yes :))

btw I bet you can now mark that one posting of yours as “Solution”…

Yeah I just did now. :) but I would like to see a tutorial about Constraining objects in greater detail. Especially when importing objects from different applications and connecting them together.

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