How to continually add objects in different orientations

I am trying to setup a conveyor where objects will be continually placed at the start of the conveyor and then travel down the rollers. I am looking for a similar process as the UR10 Palletizing demo where bins appear at the top of the conveyor after a certain amount of time or at certain point in the robot’s movement. I cannot figure out how to get the bins to continually appear. What would be the best way to go about doing this? I would also like the objects to appear in different orientations if possible.

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Welcome to the Developer forum, and Thank you for the interest in Isaac Sim!

A few notes about your use case: the conveyor asset from the palletizing demo uses rollers and gravity as driver. If your conveyor is a horizontal belt, you can use the Conveyor Belt Utility to set it up.
About the objects continually appearing, you need to be conscious about memory management and performance. I’d suggest you consider the number of objects you will interact with, and have them pre-loaded somewhere out of reach in your scene (e.g. at position 1000, 1000, 1000), and set their physics to sleep. when you need the objects spawning, set their pose to be at the base of the conveyor, and call the physics wake up.

To randomize the object orientation, when you set the pose, you can randomize its orientation.

All this is what we do in the UR10 Palletizing demo and the Bin Filling example (which has a smaller codebase so I recommend you take a look at that one). I suggest you take a look at the sample code to pick up some ideas :)