How to control Cylinder mechanism

I need to control the mechanism of the cylinder with the SDK.
How do I control and operate the cylinder mechanism with the SDK?

Hello Sawada-san, you can rig up your setup with these prismatic and revolute joints. Here is a guide on how to:


Thank you for your reply.
I’m sorry, but I have an additional question regarding cylinder control.

The details of the cylinder,
The cylinder type is an air cylinder.
The product number is SMC’s CDQ2D25-45DMZ-M9 *.
The mechanism of the cylinder is “there are two ports that apply air pressure, and the rod is pushed out and pulled in by exchanging the supply and exhaust of each.”
I want to control the rod in and out, but I don’t know how to apply air pressure for that.
Could you tell me.

I think you can set up a prismatic joint for that cylinder and set the drive similar to this. Depending on the drive’s targetPosition (negative/positive, etc), you’ll have the rod moving in and out.

Thank you for your reply!,I will try.

Also, if I have any questions, I will ask you a question.