How to control response time of AE of nvarguscamerasrc?

I’m using nvarguscamerasrc to control exposure time and gain of camera sensor.
I usually used 30fps and thought it works fine.
But when I use 7.5fps, I felt like the response of AE became too slow, even it was same sensor with 30fps, just changed setting of it.
It’s like 1~2 second to start changing now.
So I guess that there should be the number of frame to decide if the exposure time or the gain should be changed.
Anyone who knows if it is, or is there any way to control this?

It’s normally. The AE alg need wait frame to calculation, it will slow down when frame rate is became lower.

Hi, ShaneCCC
Thanks for your response.
Yes, you’re right and it’s very normal thing that it takes longer time to calculate with lower fps camera.
What I want to do must be very abnormal thing.
If the value turns too large in sudden, I can control that with temporal filter,
but there’s no way to control if there’s no signal…
Even while I move the camera from under the desk to the ceiling with light, it takes about 2 seconds, which feels like too much slow.
I want nvarguscamerasrc to response in less then 1 second.
Is there any way to do so?

Change the repeat() call to capture(request.get()) like below.

    EXIT_IF_NOT_OK(iSession->repeat(request.get()), "Unable to submit repeat() request");

To this:

    const uint32_t CAPTURE_QUEUE_DEPTH = 5;
    for (uint32_t i = 0; i < CAPTURE_QUEUE_DEPTH; i++)

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