How to control robotic arm with Jeston TX2?

Basically I have started learning Robotics. I would like to know how to control a robotic arm with Jetson TX2.

  1. Which robotic arm I can buy which is compatible to Jetson Tx2 hardware? in terms of connection and configuration
  2. Are there any tutorials or resources(books) I can follow to make simple robotic arm controlled by Jetson tx2? I couldn’t find anything relevant on internet. Willing to learn ROS as well.

Can anyone please guide me?
Thank you

Hi @Virat_Baahubali , I’m not familiar with a robotic arm kit which particular calls out Jetson TX2, but maybe someone from the community may have some recommendations.

What I can say, is there are many of servo controllers and motor drivers out there that can work with Jetson, for example over UART or USB connection. You would then use these controllers to actuate the motors of the robotic arm. I personally have had good experience using the Polulu controllers, for example their Maestro server controllers and DC motor controllers. To use these, basically you just take their sample code and documentation about the UART/serial protocols they use and send messages to them (i.e. to set PWM or motor speed). It is not specific to Jetson. There are many such controllers out there that work - for example, the JetBot uses a controller from Adafruit.