How to control tcp pose and get tcp pose using Isaac Sdk?

Hi, @ltorabi @qianl . I’m wondering how to get end effector pose of robotic arm and how to command the arm’s end effector to target position using Isaac sdk TCP communication.

Hi newuhe,

Are you using Unity Isaac Sim?


@ltorabi Thanks for replying. I’m using Omniverse.

Have you had a chance to look through the Isaac SDK documentation (here) and Isaac Sim OV samples for Isaac SDK (here) already? Much of it is focused on AMRs but the basics apply to moving an arm arm’s end effector as well. You’ll need to solve the inverse kinematics and produce the trajectory for the joints to follow to get the end effector in the right pose, of course.

@ltorabi @hemals The python Isaac SDK OV samples seem to create a new Isaac Sim entity when running. However, I want to using isaac sdk to communicate with one existing running Isaac Sim. And the manipulation samples don’t show how to get end effector position.

I think the best sample to look at would be the shufflebox sample

there is no direct way to control the end effector position in sim, only joint angles from SDK can be published from the SDK app to control the robot. But the SDK side app should already have the end effector position.

If you want to receive the end effector position you can add the usd prim representing the end effector to a rigid body sink which will publish its pose back to the SDK.