How to control the frame rate of the AR0231 camera from Drive PX2 and also get the capture timestamp?


I have the AR0231 camera running at the default 30 FPS and want to get it running at 20 FPS. Along with this, I want to get timestamp of when the image was captured, as accurately as possible.


I was able to access the image capture time using “timestamp_us” field in “dwImageNvMedia” structure and this seems to be accurate enough for our application. At 30 FPS, we are seeing -45 to +40 microseconds of error in expected capture time of 33.33334 milliseconds. This seems more than enough for us.

Next thing I am yet to figure out is, how to set the frame rate to 20 FPS. Any help would be appreciated.


I actually have the same questions. In addition, after i use -f frame command to save frame files, i found that all saved raw files are black. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Dear hui_luan,

Please see below for you topic. Thanks.