How to control the speed of movement, to make it faster or slower, in RMPflow?

Hi RMPflow-team,

I consider RMPflow to be a revolutionary robotic control method that makes full use of Riemannian geometry, and I am trying to actively utilize it.

I understand that it is necessary to experiment and adjust parameters to some extent.

①:However, how should I control it to ‘move faster or slower’?

My proposed solution is below:

  1. Since RMPflow has a ‘joint_velocity_cap’ as a task,

  2. I could raise the Limit to the maximum speed of the actual machine,

  3. set the Damping low,

  4. and avoid placing obstacles to prevent Collision Avoidance from being overly effective

RMPflow team, what do you think?

②: Besides adjusting as mentioned above, I think it would be good if there was a function to add Tasks to RMPflow, but is that possible?


Target robot

  • List itemA robot that operates over a wide range with a 6th axis placed on the 7th axis of a Prismatic moving robot.

What I want to do:

  1. I want to move it as softly as a human being as a 7-axis robot.

  2. For industrial use, I want to control the operation speed, making it faster or slower.

Approach to achievement:

  1. I am diligently adjusting it by referring to tutorials.
    RMPflow Tuning Guide

  2. ①: What should I do? That is my question this time.


I’m studying Nathan Ratliff’s papers.

Geometric fabrics are a subset of RMPflow, which seem to ensure 1) stable control and 2) facilitate speed control.

It looks like they are being developed for use in IsaacSim, so I’m excited about it.


geometric fablics01

geometric fablics02

geometric fablics03

from the bottom of the IsaacSim API’s Lula page.

Geometric Fabrics


Lula’s support for motion policies based on geometric fabrics is under active development and will be exposed in a future release.

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