How to control transmission rate in CX-5 in realtime

Hi all,

I am trying to make a custom congestion control (CC) on Connect-X 5. For that, I need to be able to control the transmission rate of each QP rapidly, ideally in ms granularity. I’ve been experimenting with ibv_modify_qp_rate_limit, but it sometimes stall the packet transmission (up to 300ms), which is far too long for a CC.

Is there a a way to change the transmission rate at a higher frequencies?

If you have CX6-DX and CX7 you can test, since rely on hardware.

Another thought is limit on packet generate, it would be more flex-able.

So is there no HW support beyond ibv_modify_qp_rate_limit? Is that even HW to begin with? If it is CX6-DX or CX-7, how would that work?

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