How to convert a Cumulus OS switch to run MLNX OS?

If a switch is already running with Cumulus OS, would a reboot (and break of the boot system) provide the option to switch OS? if so, what happens to the existing configuration file that was there for Cumulus?


Hi Hamid,

Please see the steps below to change from Cumulus OS to Mellanox OS

  1. You will need to change the PSID of the switch before we can change the NOS.
  2. You will need to uninstall cumulus Linux. This will delete cumulus OS
  3. You will then have to install Mellanox OS from ONIE which requires a Mellanox OS bin file

If you have a valid support contract with us, please open a case and we will assist you with your request.


Pratik Pande

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Is there any instruction of how to do that?