How to convert PIXEL_FMT_YCbCr_420_888 to RGB data with Arguslib

Hi everyone,

I am working with Arguslib on TX1 with IMX185 CSI MIPI cameras from Leopard Imaging. The L4T version I am using is 24.2.1(Jetpack 2.3.1) and it can’t be updated because it has to be compatible with sensor drivers. I saw some useful sample code from argus/yuvjpeg. It seems that the raw data(PIXEL_FMT_YCbCr_420_888) can be retrieved by

const uint8_t d = static_cast<const uint8_t>(iImage->mapBuffer(i));

but it seems to be BLOCK_LINEAR datatype and cannot be converted to RGB directly. Is there any useful api or sample code I can look up to?


hello yzcyz96,

please note that there’s announcement about end of support for rel-24 code-line, EOL Notice for L4T r24.
you might upgrade your working process to the latest JetPack release for further support.