How to copy a shader from one object to another?

while waiting for your support on too dark metal material on rtx real-time:

…I decided to try one more time
using materials I have bought from UE marketplace.

I made a nice blue metal object collection and converted it to Omniverse with UE connector, using default settings:

Then I added this USD to my “CAD in Industrial Office” project in Machinima and adjusted one of the metal materials so it looked quite good:

But how can I assign this same, edited metal material on other meshes / sections in my scene?
Simple thing but I have not found a way to do it…

I’m not 100% sure without seeing how your stage is set up, but you should be able to select the other meshes in your stage that you want to edit, go to the Property panel, scroll down to the material section, and pick this same blue metal material from the drop-down menu. That will apply the material from this mesh to the others.

Yes, thanks!

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