How to correctly identify Jetson Nano with serial number?

I use the latest Jetson Nano image but I can’t get the correct serial number that is showed on the product’s box. What can I do now to fix this problem? Thank you

Hi @blakeng

Have you tried typing following command?

sudo cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/serial-number

hi @ozguryildiz, I did. But I got the wrong S/N. It doesn’t match with the numbers on the board and the box.

Hi @blakeng,

I dont have much experience about your subject. It has been disccussed before, maybe checking below topic could solve your problem.


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hello blakeng,

there are two possible serial numbers on a Nano devkit, one for the Nano module and the other for the baseboard.
please refer to this topic for more details, Serial number mismatch - #9 by JerryChang

it’s software approaches to read CVB (p3449) and CVM (p3448) S/N,
the serial number for the DevKit (p3450) did not saved in EEPROM, there’s no ways to check devkit serial number.

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