How to create a CUDA C/C++ Project on a remote linux machine

I have a windows 8.1 laptop, with CUDA 5.5,
I downloaded eclipse Luna with C/C++ IDE. I created a ssh connection with a linux machine with this specs:

the connection works fine, then I clicked on my folder (in the remote machine) and with the right mouse button, I clicked on “create remote project”

Now in the C/C++ view I can see the folder created. But I can’t create a CUDA project inside this folder! I have only the option for create a standard C/C++ Project.

I tried also this
the article says to go in Build->target systems (as show in figure)
but I don’t have target systems! I have all the others entry but not target systems.

What I can do, for create a remote CUDA project?


I thought NSight was standalone and based on Eclipse 3.8. At least, that’s what I have on Ubuntu. How did you go about installing NSight on Eclipse 4.4?