How to create a movie capture tool in the standalone workflow?


I have used the extension called “movie capture” to capture the created scene in IsaacSim, which is a very useful tool for my experiments.

However, I’d like to do the whole capturing process programmatically outside from IsaacSim(in other words, being fully independent on the GUI like a “standalone”). I’ve taken the “movie capture” extension source code as a good start and have written a simple script to capture only one frame(with the output in .exr format.)

Now the problem is, if I copy my code and paste it in the build-in script editor, everything’s fine, I can see a .exr file in a specific folder. But, if I run it in the terminal under omniverse Python environment, even though there is no error, nothing can be found…

I’ve tried to modify my script but since I lack of the knowledge of the detailed capturing process and didn’t find related tutorials or documentation, I still have no clue about how to fix my problem.

Could you please give me some hints about the “movie capture” extension or any other suggestions would also be welcome. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Y. Wang