How to create a smaller size rootfs image?

I have some questions about root file system image of Jetson board.

  1. How to create a smaller size root file system image ?

    When I install Jetson os image and necessary packages like cuda, tensorRT and deepstream on Jetson Xavier NX board (16GB) through SDK manager, the capacity of flash disk is insufficient. It seems that I should remove unnecessary files or use an external storage device. Is there any other way ?
    If not, how to remove all unnecessary libraries, development tools, and so on ? I want to create an image with the minimum required binaries or libraries for runtime, which is smaller than 16GB.

  2. Does the commercial board support root file system redundancy ?

    If so, rootfs image have to be smaller than 8GB to use two file systems. Is it possible ?

  3. L4T sample root file system image on Jetson download center is about 5GB in size. Is there an image with a smaller size than this, which includes absolutely necessary binaries ?

  4. Does Jetson board support a compressed file system types like squashfs ?

The above questions are not limited to Xavier NX board. I am curious about commercialization support of Jetson boards.
I would appreciate if you could support me. Thanks!

hello dain.jeong,

you may see-also developer guide, i.e. Setting Up Your File System to create a Linux host system and copy it to your reference board.

I already know the developer guide. However, it is difficult that I clarify which files are not necessary on file system to reduce the size.

In particular, to support root file system redundancy, the image should be smaller than 8GB. I can’t imagine this.

the sample root file system on Jetson download center should be the smallest rootfs image. please based-on that to develop your use-case.

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