How to create a system image of Jetson Orin and how to flash it

I would like to create a system image of my Orin dev. Kit and restore it in another jetson Orin.
How do I create a system image for jetson Orin dev kit? And how do I restore it?

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Hi user133662,

You could refer to the following instruction to backup and restore Jetson.
Flashing Support — To clone a Jetson device and flash

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Thanks @KevinFFF
Where is ./ ? I cannot find it anywhere in the Jetson

If you’ve ever run sdkmanager, then it installs flash software on the host PC at:

Most command line operations (including use of are from the “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory.

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Thanks! @KevinFFF Got it now, I was looking in the wrong place.