How to create a warranty support ticket?

I have a problem with my micro sd card slot. It is broken in some way that it no longer retains the card. I am looking to get warranty service.

I have sat through the live chat queue to the point that I have been kicked from it 3 times today

It offers me the ability to request an email response. The problem is that whenever I try to log into a support account, create a new support account, or log in through google. The login fails, and it fails to create a new account.

I see there is a number I can call, which I haven’t tried yet.

Other than that though, is there another way to reach them?

Hi djhnsn043,

Please find the RMA process from:

Yes I read this, that is how I ended up sitting in a queue for several hours today only to be kicked from the queue several times with no response from anyone.

Hi @djhnsn043, sorry about that - we are reaching out to the Customer Service team on your behalf for an update on the next action. They will be in touch.

Thanks a lot!

Also, since you’re here… Thanks for Jetson Inference!.

They reached out to me and got me the RMA. I am very happy about that.

Thanks a lot for the help!
Much appreciated!