How to create Android Client app to send touch inputs to server app build in Unreal Engine?

As per topic title, how do I do that? Any sample codes/steps on how to modify the Hello AR Client to send the inputs from mobile device and what need to be done on server application build in unreal engine to receive the inputs? Thanks in advance if anyone have the information.

I think at the moment you would need to create your own user data packet via cxrGenericUserInputEvent, fill in the size and ptr to your own struct, and then unpack it on the other end.

In a future release, we’ll have touch and at least basic gestures sent along in a generic approach, we know it will help developers to have that input handled for them.

what could be the reason that I can’t find the mapped file “CloudXR User Data”, only “CloudXR User Data Mutex”? Should I change something in the Android “Hello Cloud XR” sample apk?

if you send a generic input event to the server, it will write the data to the user data file. The code snippet in the docs is pretty much what working code does.

Thank you, it’s working now :)
I just thought that I can find this file without sending generic events