How to create default account without configuration at the first time boot after flashing

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I tried to migrate a user account to rootfs and re-flash Xavier. The account exists in system after I configure the setting (accept licence, set time zone…) with a HDMI display. Is it possible that I can skip the first configuration step and just enter $bash (like TX2), thus I don’t need to connect a HDMI display and do configuration every time after I re-flash.

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Current version need this step. Next version should be fixed.

Hi ShaneCCC,

I am using r32.2 and it still needs to set configurations during the first time bootup although it can be done under console now.

I know how to generate an account and migrate to a new system in advance. Is it possible that to modify system(rootfs?) to skip configuration steps or set configurations in advance. Thus we don’t need to set configuration every time when re-flash emmc and it would be more convenient for mass production as well.

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  1. you may check the documentation about setting oem-config.

  2. I think another alternative way is clone the system image locally, and flash it to the target.
    please also refer to below steps to clone APP partitions.
    2.1) Backup the system.img from golden board.
    sudo ./ -r -k APP -G system.img jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1 2.2) Copy the backup raw image to flashing directory. sudo cp system.img.raw bootloader/system.img
    2.3) Restore APP image to new boards.
    $ sudo ./flash -r -k APP jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1

Please refer to this thread #37:

Another option is to configure the rootfs the way you want it on the device, then take a snapshot with cpio / gzip and use that as your rootfs base when you build a new image.

On the Jetson:

$ sudo -i
# cd /
# find . -xdev -depth -print | cpio -o | gzip | ssh me@my-host.wherever sh -c 'cat > /var/tmp/my-snapshot.cpio.gz'

The benefit of this option is that you can install and uninstall whatever you want, and configure whatever files you want (autostart, shellrc, editors, etc) and have it part of your root image.

Thank you JerryChang, WayneWWW and snarky.

I’ll try it.