How to create IB partitions without enabling IPOIB


I’ve been trying out setting up of partitions in our IB fabric. I’m using a SX6036 with the onboard SM enabled. I have thre nodes which are connected to this switch. I’ve done the following changes to the partition config.

Default Partition → FULL Membership for SELF

LIMITED membership for ALL

Test Partition 0x0010 → Full Membership for GUID’s of two of the nodes.

When I try to run ib_send_lat or any of the test programs, I keep getting the following error on the sending side

Completion with error at client

Failed status 12: wr_id 0 syndrom 0x81

scnt=1, ccnt=1

In the SM logs, I keep getting a message

log_trap_info: Received Generic Notice type:2 num:257 (Bad P_Key) Producer:1 (Channel Adapter) from …

What am I doing wrong ?I must mention, when I give FULL Membership to ALL in the Default partition, all nodes can talk to each other, but that’s not what I want to achieve.

Any tips are appreciated.


In order to let to the nodes communicate over configured partition child interface should be created for IPoIB interface, or application should specify the P_Key.

Did you try to use ib_send_lat (or other) tools with --pkey_index argument?