How to create OmniSurfaceLite directly in Maya

I just opened some old .mb file with a bush assets prepared for .usd export. I noticed it has OmniSurfaceLite material applied, when I export it as .usd and throw it to USD Composer it works well, however with newer Maya
Connector installed I cannot reproduce this, I am receing error and .mdl Module is missing.

Instead, I have to convert all my V-Ray materials to USD Surface and then convert them all again in USD Composer to OmniSurface…

Can you post that exact error message, so we can read it

Hi Richard!

Warning: root : Invalid name, expects the form “mdl::module::material”

Maya 2024.2
connector version 207.0.0
usd plugin version 0.22.11

Thank you

Sorry for the trouble. It is fixed in Maya Native 208 which is coming soon.

thank you @juma , looking forward to i!