How to create partitions in JETSON TX2

I am having ubuntu 18.04 in my jetson tx2 so i am trying to create a two partitions in it.

hello karadalokesh,

may I know more details about your usage,
what’s the partitions you would like to create, is it APP partition?

Hi chang

Thanks for the response,

First of all i want to know how many primary partition are created in jetson tx2.
I am having 30GB jetson tx2 so when i type fdisk -l command i can see lot of partitions in it.
But the actual disk is /dev/mmcblk0 28GB. so i want to create two partition here on 28GB i am able to create?

yes in APP

Are you trying to change the initial flashing script to break the APP (28GB) partition into two partitions?


Are you wanting to know the Linux utilities to use to split the APP partition on an existing system without having to re-flash everything?

hello karadalokesh,

please check below xml file to understand all the partitions created for Jetson-TX2 by default, there’re partition name and size for your reference,

Device Start End Sectors Size Type
/dev/mmcblk0p1 4097 58724352 58720256 28G

if I’m understand correctly, you would like to separate APP partitions as two partitions.
you could use the ubuntu utility to split APP partition for your usage,

Ya i want to split the 28GB into two partitions, suggest me the best and secure way to make the partition either with ubuntu utility or while flashing which one is more secure and easy?

Also please help me with the steps to do partitions.

hello karadalokesh,

ubuntu software utility may not able to split the partition due to rootfs is mounted on mmcblk0p1,
suggest you should refer to for the steps to create two APP partitions.